About Us

Keep It Kleen began 12 years ago when I started mowing properties for individuals. However, 8 years ago, I started the main service I supply now: Parking Lot Sweeping. It all began as a small operation, just doing some jobs here and there. Eventually, however, people began noticing how certain parking lots were being swept by this large white truck. These same people noticed that it really did make a difference in the look of the company as a whole when the parking area was well maintained and clean. They decided that something needed to be done about their workplaces' aesthetics.

That is where I can help. Whether it is sweeping the parking lot of your company, mowing your yard, doing light landscaping, or removing snow, I always try my best to help you keep your customers and keep them pleased. Nothing can be more of a deterrent than pulling into a business where the lawn, landscaping, and parking lot has not been maintained.

Feel free to ask me about any of the services I provide and how I can be of service to you. We provide free quotes as well. Let me know about your situation and I will try to help out in any way that I can.

Again, I can provide:

If there is anything that you need done to help your business, look no further. Call me, or fill out the form for a free quote. See what a difference it can make!

- Henry Robinson, Owner